Dance area information
A Ohte-suji main dance area

The main street, which stretches for 350 meters, becomes filled with boisterous teams of dancers. The dancers proceed in two lines, showcasing their vibrant dances as they move towards Kochi Castle. This is one of the perfect spots for seeing all of the dances.

B Obiyamachi dance area

Obiyamachi is the main shopping arcade in Kochi City. The entire arcade is covered by a roof, allowing you to comfortably watch the dances out of the rain and hot summer sun. Experience the sense of unity and dynamic energy of the dancers as they pass right in front of your very eyes.

C Central Park dance area

This specially constructed stage in Central Park showcases the unique dances of the different teams. The antenna shop “Tencosu”, located at the east exit of the park, offers a wide selection of foods and souvenirs produced in Kochi prefecture.

D Atago dance area

This dance area is the largest of all the areas in the festival, running for over 1 kilometer. It takes about 40 minutes for a single team to make their way through the area. The successive wave of dancers that pass by will leave you breathless.

E Chiyori-cho dance area

This area is known as “Yotteko Hiroba”, and it remains true to the original Yosakoi style. Being able to see all the different teams from this spot is one of the joys of the Yosakoi Festival.

F Saenba dance area

This storied shopping arcade stretches for 300 meters and offers a comfortable and relaxed venue for taking in the dances with locals of all generations.

G Umenotsuji dance area

This wide, crescent-shaped street is the prime location for taking pictures of not only individual dancers, but also viewing the beautiful organization of the each team.

H Masugata dance area

Masugata is one of the most popular dance areas of the festival. This wide street is closed to traffic so you can watch the enthusiastic performances of the dancers as they pass by.

I Kamimachi dance area

This dance area is the oldest of them all, and has been a part of the festival since the year it began. It's filled with old shops, many of which are over 100 years old. Taking the time to explore the area and experience its history will make your visit to Kochi all the more memorable.

J Mama dance area

This area provides 100 free-admission seats in the middle of the stands. At night, the beautiful lily of the valley-shaped Suzuran-no-tomoshibi lamps illuminate the arcade and evoke days of old.

K Asahi dance area

At this dance area there is very little space separating the audience from the dynamic performances of the dancers. Each team moves in a circle in the traditional bon dance style, allowing you to see the entire team and its original jikata-sha truck.

L Harimayabashi dance area

This one of the most unique wooden arcades in Japan, and it is know for holding a number of original events. Dancers come in close contact with the audience, further enhancing the dynamism of the group dances.

M Kyomachi dance area

This formal dance area stretches for 120 meters, providing a convenient place to wait until the dances start at the Central Park dance area. The mechanical clock across from Harimayabashi provides one of the most memorable locations for taking scenic shots during your visit to Kochi.

N Hada dance area

One of the largest in the festival, the Hada dance area boasts 1,500 seats. It also provides a roof-covered and barrier-free space to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs.

O Yanagimachi dance area

Yanagimachi is a famous entertainment district in Kochi City, and during the Yosakoi Festival it transforms into a dance area open exclusively to the top 15 local teams. You can't beat the dancers’ enthusiastic performances at the finale of the festival.

P Kochi Castle dance area

This specially constructed stage, set against the backdrop of the Otemon Gate of Kochi Castle, effuses a distinct elegance all its own. You can enjoy gorgeous dances that can only be seen here.

Q Kochi-ekimae dance area

JR Kochi Station is the gateway to the Kochi City. This area offers free seats as well as places to dine, allowing you to watch the dances in relative comfort.

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