Photo Spot No.065

Kure Taisho-machi Market

Nakatosa Town

The shooting season

This produce market has served as the local people's kitchen since the early 1900s. After a great fire around the market in 1915, the town received a reimbursement for reconstruction from the Taisho Emperor and out of gratitude, the town's people renamed the markets from 'Jizou-machi Market' to 'Taisho-machi Market'. The store fronts, packed with freshly-caught fish, seasonal vegetables and handmade specialties along with the vitality of the shop-owners' touts, attracts visitors from near and far.
In February 2011, Nakatosa became the first fishing town in Japan to be named a National Cultural Asset for Important Cultural Landscape.

Photo Spot Information

Location:6382 Kure,Nakatosa-town
Shooting Season:All season
There is a signboard of katsuo (bonito) and red round mailbox at the entrance and a square signboard of Ebisu (the god of wealth) and katsuo at the exit of the market. You will also see some big-catch flags at the market. You might be able to take photos of katsuo broiling on straw. If you want to photograph market stalls, please ask permission.Use 100mm zoom lens.
45.0km from Kochi-city(50minutes)

●By Car
*From Kochi IC to Nakatosa IC, drive National Road No.56 (turn left at Kure) to Prefectural Road No.320 (for Kure Port). About 53 km.
*About 1.7 km from Nakatosa IC.
●By JR Dosansen Line 
*From Kochi Station, take a express train to Tosa-Kure Station.
About 55 minutes.
About 0.4 km from Tosa-Kure Station.

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