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Shooting Season:All season
The evening and night views are recommended. If there is no clouds at the edge of the mountain on the west, it will be a great shot. You need to use bulb mode, so please prepare a tripod and release. Visit in the morning on a sunny day. Capture Kagami River when it is high tide and beautiful cherry blossoms. Use wide-angle or telephoto lens.
●By Car
*From Kochi City, drive National Road No.32 to No.56 (turn left before Kagamigawa Bridge) to Prefectural Road No.35 (for Mt.Godaisan). About 4 km.
*From Nankoku IC, drive National Road No.44 (for Kochi New Port, turn left) to Prefectural Road No.32 (turn left 0.5 km ahead from Kokubun River) to the entrance of Mt.Godaisan. About 9 km.
※About 5km from JR Kochi Station.

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Photo Spot No.034

Mt. Godaisan Lookout, Kochi City

Kochi City

Known as the best observation platform in Kochi City, this lookout near the top of Mt. Godaisan, which is famous for its cherry blossoms and azaleas, offers great views of the downtown area and Urado Bay. The lookout is also open in the evening, offering a distinctly romantic night view of the city. Nearby are Chikurin-ji Temple, number 31 of the 88 temples of the Shikoku Pilgrimage, and Kochi Prefectural Makino Botanical Gardens.

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